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Kandypens' Miva 2: A dry herb vape even traditional stoners will love

Puff puff, don't pass on this one.

Portable dry herb vapes are nothing new. From the early days of the Magic Flight Launch Box to today’s Pax reign, we’ve seen just about every iteration of handheld for vaping aromatic material (a.k.a. actual weed) on the go. But these devices tend to be on the pricey side and just aren’t as convenient as oil pens, considering you have to repack them like you would a bowl, so a lot of stoners remain on the fence. That, until recently, included me.

Enter: Miva 2 — Then last year cases of a mysterious lung disease linked to oil cartridges skyrocketed and I was forced to reconsider my habits. I rely pretty heavily on marijuana to treat chronic pain and need a discreet way to work that into my day-to-day activities outside of the home, so with the safety of oils in question, dry herb vapes were suddenly back on the table. Research and prior experiences with the company’s products led me to KandyPens’ Miva 2.

While we now know the likely cause of the 2019 vaping illness and I’ve long-since deemed my dispensary-bought cartridges safe to use, after months with Miva 2, this little vape is still one of my favorite ways to sneak in a few hits outdoors.

Versatile and cute — Where most vapes these days go for that sleek, ultra-minimalist exterior, Miva 2 manages to be discreet in a package that’s anything but. It comes in three solid (and very bright) colors — white, red, and pink — and three bolder limited edition styles, each of which features eye-popping artwork. I opted for Monster Mash, doing a full 180 from my usual ‘rose gold everything’ approach. The texture is to die for, with a super smooth matte finish.

As for size, Miva 2 is much smaller than the scaleless pictures somehow suggest. I expected it to be huge, but it actually fits neatly in the palm of your hand and is small enough to close a fist around for cover if you so wish. It also ships with two mouthpieces — a more squash standard piece and a glass extender. I highly recommend the latter. And the best part? It’s compatible with both aromatic material and concentrates, for those who like to mix it up with dabs.

How does it hit? — Miva 2 gives you the ability to control what temperature you’re heating it to, which is ideal for getting the most out of each pack without your weed burning straight to popcorn, and you can choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius. It’s programmed to shut off automatically after five minutes, which is good considering how hot it gets and how forgetful we can be.

The chamber is the perfect depth for adding a good amount of flower without packing it in too tight. You can get a decent cloud, too, especially with the glass mouthpiece on — which also makes each pull feel a bit easier on the lungs. Give it a few more seconds to warm up after it says it’s done and you’re in for a really solid rip.

The display on Miva 2’s face is unintrusive and delivers just enough information. You’ll see the temperature, a tiny ‘warm’ indicator, and the battery level — nothing more, nothing less. And, it remembers the last temperature it was set to so you don’t have to worry about forgetting that specific number you figured out to be the sweet spot.

All in all, it’s a great little piece to add to any collection, and it won’t break the bank. Miva 2 apparently retails for $199-$224 but has only ever been on sale in the numerous times I’ve visited the site over the last few years. Realistically, you’re looking between $100-$113.