Instagram now has a dedicated field for your gender pronouns

It’s available now in a few countries.


You no longer need to put pronouns in your Instagram name or bio, as the app is adding a new custom field for them. It’s only available in a select few countries today, but Instagram says more people will be able to add pronouns to their profiles soon.

Users specifically have the ability to add up to four pronouns so people know how to refer to them, such as “he/him” or “they/them.” You can also choose to show your pronouns only to people who follow you. This could be useful if you have a private profile and don’t want just anyone to see how you identify.

Inclusivity — To add your pronouns, visit your profile, then tap “Edit Profile” and you should see a pronouns field. You might need to update your app if you don’t see it yet.

It looks like Instagram is only allowing some of the more commonplace pronouns at launch, but it also has a help form on its support site where you can submit requests for pronouns that aren’t available as options. Instagram says it will update the list over time.

Adding pronoun options is a simple change for Instagram to make, but one that can help users who don’t want to exhaust themselves repeatedly informing others how they should be referred to and maybe feeling like they’re not being seen as they are.

Hopefully other platforms like Twitter will follow suit.