Hyundai's mini EV for kids is probably nicer than your adult car

An onboard camera can read a child's facial expressions and adjust music and lighting accordingly.

Hyundai made an electric car for kids.

Hyundai is gunning for Tesla... in the toy market, at least. The automaker has unveiled a new electric car for children that it says is the company's "smallest EV." The design of the single-seater car is based on a full-sized electric concept car that Hyundai unveiled in 2019, dubbed the "EV Concept 45."

The Hyundai for kids doesn't yet have a name but shares the interesting design of the 45, which honestly reminds us of Tesla's Cybertruck but with softer edges. This one is powered by two DC motors that offer a top speed of 4.3mph, and the seat is positioned in the center as you'd expect from a kid's car. There are working headlights on the front and the car can play music, though whether through Bluetooth or auxiliary is unclear.

Luxury fun — Interestingly, Hyundai kitted out this miniature with a suite of sensors to make it smart like any real electric car. With a technology called Emotion Adaptive Vehicle Control (EAVC), a camera facing the driver can read their facial expressions to adjust music and lighting accordingly. There are also onboard sensors that can read the driver's heart rate and respiration, for some reason.

Tesla already sells a Model S for Kids with a bit more impressive top speed of 6mph, and that one also comes equipped with a reverse driving mode, headlights, MP3 playback, and the signature frunk. That car sells for $600, but hey, at least you can guarantee your kid has the coolest whip on the block.

No word on when the Hyundai EV for kids will be available, but Hyundai says stay tuned.