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‘Hyundai Home’ wants to take on Tesla solar to help get you off-grid

Perfect for charging the forthcoming Hyundai Ioniq 5.

Hyundai has announced an “integrated clean energy ecosystem” called Hyundai Home just in time for the year-end rollout of its much-anticipated Ioniq 5 EV. Much like Tesla Solar, the system aims to provide clean energy solutions for both consumers’ vehicles, as well as their actual houses. Unlike Tesla Solar, this looks like it might actually work, and isn’t yet another Technoking grift.

According to the official site, Hyundai Home “gives you an easy way to produce, store and use your own energy with solar panels, energy storage systems and an EV home charger.” The vehicle maker intends to partner with multiple third-party companies for its products to ensure quality. In a not-so-subtle jab about customer service complaints for Tesla Solar, Hyundai touts that its “solar partner is focused on offering class-leading customer experience — a philosophy that Hyundai shares.”

Although the third-party companies weren’t named, AutoEvolution notes that promotional images include an LG stationary battery, so we might see that name touted out officially in the near future.

Check out a closer look at the line of solar home and auto products below courtesy of AutoEvolution.

Limited initial availability — Don’t expect to get your Hyundai solar panels, home car charger, and backup energy storage installed first thing next year, though. The carmaker notes on the Home website that “Currently, Hyundai Home products will only be sold in CA and NY and through select dealers,” although it promises “additional state availability” will come later in 2022.

Ready and waiting — To be honest, we are extremely pumped to see Hyundai Home’s announcement. Creating these kinds of all-in-one energy solutions for everyday home and car owners is a great way to promote sustainable alternatives to our current infrastructure options. Likewise, it’s nice to see this coming from a company other than Tesla, whose track record with solar energy is... legally dubious, at best. It might be a slow rollout on Hyundai’s part, but slow and steady wins the EV race.