HTC's Exodus 5G is an ultra-secure smart router that can also help you manage your Bitcoin

Your router wishes it was this router.

You might know HTC from its line of smartphones and its VR gear, but the company has long since branched into other tech territories, too. It's latest offering is the Exodus 5G Hub, a smart router providing “ultra-secure” 5G connections for any internet device. Oh, and did we mention it can maintain a full Bitcoin node?

Like last year’s entry, but even more secure — This isn’t HTC’s first foray into the world of routing devices. Last year the company released the HTC Hub, which introduced some of the same features found on the updated version. This isn’t your average router by any means. For a start, it has a large touch screen and runs Android.

The new Exodus 5G Hub allows users to control connections flowing through their network with almost unheard-of levels of precision. Using software called Zion, the router allows users to manage every data transfer on the network. That’s way more control than a typical home router offers.

It can even run apps — Because it’s operating on a full version of Android, HTC’s smart router can even run privacy apps. Users can install secure internet browsers, email platforms, or even VPN services directly to the device.

And it can manage your crypto — Though everything it can do is impressive, the Exodus 5G’s most innovative feature is the option to use it for cryptocurrency management. You can use the Hub as a vault to keep track of all your cryptocurrencies, and the touch screen can be set up to display market performance with up-to-date pricing info.

HTC has been on a roll with cryptocurrency-focused devices lately: last year the company released two smartphones focused on cryptocurrency. HTC plans to release its Exodus 5G Hub in Q2 of 2020. Pricing is still to be confirmed. It's also unclear whether or not we'll be able to pay for it with crypto.