HQ Trivia has found a ‘new home,’ according to CEO

This weekend’s closure was just another glitch.

SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

On Friday, HQ Trivia announced that an acquisition deal fell apart and the app would cease to exist. HQ founder Rus Yusupov reportedly spent the long weekend trying to find a way to save the company and “do right by” the 25 employees let go without severance. The new deal hasn’t been finalized, but Yusupov is optimistic about being able to pay employees, contractors, and players.

Is it too late? — Though HQ achieved a somewhat sustained virality in 2017, the app has been plagued by glitches and internal turmoil. Yusupov was briefly asked to step down as CEO before resuming the position when his replacement died of a drug overdose. Tensions between Yusupov and original host Scott Rogowsky culminated with the latter leaving the company last year.

Though Yusupov’s efforts to make sure everyone is adequately compensated are appreciated, the app probably should’ve shuttered long before it ran out of money.