Here's a ring light so comically large you can hula hoop with it

Smith-Victor's Saturn Pro is 48-inches wide and looks like a portal to another world.

Okay, so we're sure there are plenty of good reasons for one might need a four-foot-diameter, bi-color LED ring light so bright it rivals a 1200 watt incandescent beam: maybe you have a bunch of super glamorous friends you need to capture all at once for your insanely popular TikTok account. Or, perhaps you have one really tall and / or wide, also glamorous friend. Maybe you have a really big family and want everyone equally illuminated in group shots. Or perhaps you breed horses and need to update your website with new, umm, product shots. Heck, maybe you just like your space while snapping selfies. Whatever the rationale, Smith-Victor apparently now has got you covered with its new Saturn Pro 48" LED ring light system.

So big. So shiny.Smith-Victor

Bright lights, big ring-y — According to the Saturn Pro's official listing on Smith-Victor's site, the sizable piece of photographic hardware can be used "for single portraits or groups, fashion and glamour, interviews and smooth chromakey illumination or raise it up in an endless variety of angles for illuminating v-blogging presentations, product demonstrations and architectural lighting design."

It boasts a color rendering index (CRI) of 95 via its 100-degree, dimmable, 1,404 LEDs, and includes a separate, OLED controller for output and color temperature settings. Speaking of the latter, the Saturn Pro's temperature range also stretches from 3,000 to 5,500K. Physically, the hardware en allows for overhead mounting, and it includes all the stands, plugs, controllers, and other accessories you need to get the most from it.

Somehow, it's still transportable — Sure, that's a lot of oompf packed into one (albeit large) package, but it doesn't really do anyone much good if can't readily be moved between shoots. Fortunately, the Saturn Pro isn't something you'll need to lug around as one, comically massive piece. The lighting system is constructed from four, crescent-shaped detachable sections that fit alongside its dimming switchboard and mounting hardware in a foam-padded case, making it relatively easy to move around, if need be.

So, knowing what you know now, would you be surprised at all to learn there's a pretty hefty price tag to Smith-Victor's chonky illuminating baby? Right now, people can grab one of the Saturn Pro's for 20% off... which still puts it at $479.99 Hey, you can't put a price on beauty. In between its various horrors, 2020 is somehow shaping up to be the year of comically sized photographic accessories, and we're here for it.