Serial 1's limited edition, vintage-inspired e-bike is almost sold out

The nearly $6,000 e-bike features design cues borrowed from Harley-Davidson's first-ever motorcycle.

Serial 1 has nearly sold out of its limited edition, MOSH/TRIBUTE electric bike.
Serial 1

Serial 1 says its limited-edition, vintage-inspired “Mosh/Tribute” electric bike has nearly sold out. The bike, which costs an eye-watering $5,995, was inspired by Harley-Davidson’s first-ever motorcycle created more than 100 years ago. Serial 1 started as a subdivision of Harley before being spun out as a separate company.

The newly independent company makes four different models of e-bike, with the Mosh/City being the most affordable among the lot at $3,799. The Mosh/Tribute actually served as the concept design for what would become the Mosh/City. They look quite similar, but the Mosh/Tribute’s frills were apparently too expensive, so the Mosh-City is a bit trimmed down. Gone were the leather saddle and other details like brass accenting.

Brand-name recognition — Serial 1 decided that it would make a limited run of the original concept idea, however, recently opening orders for a run of just 650 units.

There’s certainly some deep engineering prowess that’s gone into the Mosh/Tribute, but you’re also paying for exclusivity and brand name association — Harley’s branding is present (albeit, small) on the bikes. That was clearly enticing to many, as Serial now says that it has sold out of the larger-framed model with only a few medium-sized models remaining.

This isn’t the first time Serial 1 has made a limited edition bike — last month it auctioned off a one-of-a-kind electric chopper-style bike. The company plans to do these sorts of ultra-exclusive releases a few times a year.

Hot or not? — The design of the Mosh/Tribute has received mixed responses on social media. Some people like the white tires and classic saddle, others find them ugly and incongruous. But whether you think they’re cheesy or not, the bike’s tires are sure to stand out among a sea of traditional black wheels. They won’t stay white for long, and can of course be replaced with something more subdued (or even louder) if you like.

Features include an integrated battery that can be removed for indoor charging and four separate ride modes that provide for different balances of power and range. The bike is pedal-assisted with auto-shifting drive, meaning it will provide more power the harder you pedal.

The top speed is 20 mph and the battery offers 529Wh, so the range can vary from 35 miles on a charge to as high as 105 miles, depending on your ride mode selection, how much you pedal, and how much you weigh. The bike is really best suited for urban travel. Charging is fast, with Serial 1 claiming you can hit 75 percent capacity in two and half hours.

There’s that Harley branding you’re paying for. Serial 1

Electric bikes have become especially popular during the pandemic, as people look to spend more time outdoors and reconsider their routines, including commutes. They’re also just fun to ride, and can be useful for people like seniors, who can’t necessarily pedal very far on their own.

But with plenty of e-bike options out there for under $1,000, we don’t expect many pensioners will be laying down the cash for this... unless, perhaps, it reminds them of their own great-grandparent's original Harley as depicted in sepia photographs and they simply can’t resist.