Gucci and Oura's gold smart ring is a collab that needed to happen

Gucci is bringing its gold and torchon aesthetic to Oura's smart ring (and tech products in general) for the first time.

The Gucci x Oura smart ring
Gucci / Oura

Gucci is releasing its own $950 smart ring, partnering with Oura the creators of the Oura Ring 3 to make it happen, the fashion house announced today.

Gucci x Oura — This special edition smart ring has an 18-karat yellow gold interlocking Gucci “G” stamped into it, “framed by braided torchon detailing,” and looks more or less like what I expected a Gucci smart ring would look like.

Gucci and Oura are using a dark band made from a black PVD-coated titanium and also keeping things entirely circular, unlike Oura’s own rings, which feature a flat top on one side.

Check out the bling.Gucci / Oura

Generation 3 — The Gucci x Oura ring is built on Oura’s Generation 3 platform, which means it has access to the same temperature sensing, heart rate monitoring, and activity tracking sensors that impressed us on Oura’s own third-generation smart ring. As an added bonus, buying Gucci’s more expensive €950 or $950 version comes with a lifetime membership to the required Oura subscription service.

Even the new ring’s charging dock is Gucci-branded.Gucci / Oura

Fashion chops — Partnering with an iconic fashion brand is a big step for Oura. The wearable maker has courted celebrity endorsements (including a partnership with the NBA) but in my opinion, hasn’t capitalized on the Oura Ring’s real potential as a fashion accessory.

Gucci / Oura
Gucci / Oura
Gucci / Oura

Now thanks to Gucci, the company has proof it can work collaboratively in the luxury fashion world which could open a world of possibilities.

The Gucci x Oura smart ring is available in select stores and the Gucci website for $950.

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