You can now find virtual healthcare providers with Google Maps

Hospital searches will include major virtual healthcare platforms and out-of-pocket costs.


As the healthcare system is overwhelmed with coronavirus cases and those seeking tests, virtual care is normalizing. Whether you’re unsure about whether your symptoms warrant a visit or you just need medical advice for other ailments and concerns, Google will help you get there. On Friday, Google announced that users would start to see virtual healthcare options in search results as well as how much the “visit” costs without insurance.

How it works — If you search for a specific hospital or clinic, its info card will include a new section for its virtual offerings. Providers are encouraged to make sure their business information is updated to include its current slate of telehealth options.

In the U.S., more vague searches like “immediate care” will surface prominent online healthcare providers in the first page of results. Out-of-pocket costs will also be displayed for these telehealth options. Both features are expected to integrate into both Search and Maps over the next week.