Google Photos may soon allow zooming in video playback

Focus on your kid or up your meme game.

stockcam/iStock Unreleased/Getty Images

XDA has spotted a feature in Google Photos that will make you love it even more. During an APK teardown of Google Photos 4.33, they discovered they could zoom in while playing videos. The feature may or may not launch with the next update, but given it’s a feature users have wanted for a while now, the odds are good.

Google Photos' glow-up — In just four years, Google Photos reached 1 billion users, a third of the time it took Gmail to do the same. The app has gained fans beyond Android, enticing a loyal following of iPhone and iPad users. Since its launch, the app has received numerous updates to bolster its offerings.

Users can now manually tag faces and switch between accounts more easily. Google Photos even got a messaging function because Google will apparently never get tired of trying out messaging services. If this zoom feature reaches the app soon, hitting another billion users could happen even faster.