Google is working on a Pixel Watch, according to reports

The company recently completed its acquisition of Fitbit, and owns smartwatch assets from watch brand Fossil.

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Google is reportedly planning to release a smartwatch under its Pixel brand. The company has never released a smartwatch of its own, despite having a smartwatch operating system in the form of Wear OS. But Google recently completed its acquisition of fitness wearables company Fitbit, and in 2019 it purchased smartwatch technology from Fossil.

Grain of salt — The information about Google plans comes from Jon Prosser, a YouTube personality with a mixed track record publishing leaks. Nonetheless, it’s no stretch to suggest Google’s explored the possibility of making a smartwatch — its acquisitions make it clear it’s interested in being involved in the market, plus the huge success of the Apple Watch has to be tempting to try and emulate.

Jon Prosser/@jon_prosser

Smartwatch market — Preventative healthcare is a large addressable market that Apple has pursued with the Apple Watch. Fitbit already targets that market through partnerships with healthcare providers.

In a video on YouTube, Prosser shows renderings of what he understands the Pixel Watch to look like. What you see is a pretty traditional watch design with a rounded touchscreen display and a crown on the side. The operating system is Google’s Wear OS, which powers models from brands like TAG Heuer and Motorola.

Wear OS lags significantly behind the Apple Watch with a market share of around 16 percent. The OS has been lamented for being fairly barebones and lacking a large enough selection of apps.

Google recently confirmed that it’s working on a new phone called the “Pixel 5a 5G.” The product will be available later this year in the U.S. and Japan. Perhaps we’ll here about the Pixel Watch next.