GitHub's mobile app for Android and iOS has finally arrived

GitHub users have been asking for years.

Today GitHub launched the full version of its mobile app, allowing its more than 40 million users to access the site’s full range of features on-the-go for the first time in the company’s 12-year history. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

It’s been a big week for GitHub, the world’s largest developer collaboration platform. On Monday the Microsoft-owned company announced its acquisition of Npm, an open-source software distribution site, and now it's dropped this crowd-pleasing news.

The app is focused on clean organization and ease of use — basically what you’d expect from a mobile app in 2020. The most surprising part of the rollout is that GitHub took this long to create a mobile version of its tools.

We knew it was coming — GitHub announced the development of its mobile app at Microsoft’s Universe event last year. Since then, the app has been available for beta testing, so some GitHub users have been privy to its features for a few months.

GitHub isn’t stopping any time soon — GitHub has always shown an immense capacity for growth, starting as a group of three coders with a mission to make a home for the world’s open-source code. It continues to dominate that marketplace more than a decade later — and it’s still expanding.

Last month the company launched a subsidiary in India for the first time, expanding its reach even further across the globe. Acquisitions like that of Npm position GitHub to continue its growth into new territory well into the future. The official launch of GitHub’s mobile app means it’s easier than ever for its users to code on the go, not that many of them are getting out and about these days with the COVID-19 pandemic, but hey, at least coders can now do so from the comfort of the sofa and on an iPad.