Garmin’s new Tactix Delta smartwatch adds a kill switch

Hello tactical practical.

Garmin has announced its fourth-generation Tactix smartwatch and this time there’s a kill switch. The new Tactix Delta appears to be aimed at either James Bond types or members of the armed services because the marquee feature this time around is “stealth mode which disables storing and sharing of your location” and a “a kill switch that erases all user memory.”

The data problem — Smartwatch and fitness tracker data has repeatedly exposed the movements of government workers and members of the armed services. One would presume that Garmin’s new stealth mode could be enabled when entering a military base or sensitive government areas, but this isn’t explicitly stated in the company’s press release.

The good stuff — Otherwise the Tactix Delta is a pretty spiffy smartwatch even for Garmin, a company that’s not afraid to throw in the kitchen sink. It’s got a 1.4-inch screen with a domed sapphire lens, a night-vision mode, a jumpmaster mode for skydivers (please email me about this, skydivers), and now adds the ability to sync up to 2,000 songs. There’s also the usual slew of fitness tracking options, like dedicated modes for trail running, swimming, biking, (and way more), as well as nifty perks like animated workout instructions.

The Tactix delta and its dedicated kill switch are available now for $899.99.

via Garmin