FCC filings show possible new Dyson robot vacuum

Its design is reminiscent of the 360 Heurist, which was never released in the United States.

Dyson may released a U.S. version of its 360 Heurist robot vacuum.

Dyson may introduce its 360 Heurist robot vacuum to the United States. The Verge spotted filings with the FCC that show a robovac of a similar, but a slightly different design that could be more suitable to U.S. households than the European model.

When Dyson first unveiled the 360 Heurist last year, it said the vacuum would not get a U.S. release because the design made it ill-suited to cleaning larger, more complicated homes stateside. It was unusually taller and narrower than most rival robovacs like the Roomba. This was supposed to enable it to perform some tight cornering, but also meant it struggled to vacuum under furniture with a low base. This new vacuum pictured in the filing shows something flatter and wider.

Dyson premium — The 360 Heurist isn’t cheap, with a retail price of around $1,050. But that’s par for the course with Dyson. And hey, it’s a robot vacuum so you don’t have to do the work. The new vehicle appears to share the Heurist’s 360-degree camera with an LED lighting ring, which helps it to vacuum in the dark. Other features include a Hyperdymium brushless motor, which is supposed to be more reliable and quieter than a brushed motor.

Despite its premium prices, Dyson does in fact make products that are a cut above the rest. And they’re often possible to find on sale, or refurbished through retailers like Walmart.

It’s unclear when, or if, this robovac will ever see a release. But we expect to hear more on it soon.