Just imagine how many tabs you could open on this laptop with 7 screens

It only has one hour of battery life, but what a glorious hour that would be.

The Aurora 7 is dubbed the world's first 7-screen laptop.

A UK-based company called Expanscape has begun promoting its new Aurora 7, the "world's first 7 screen laptop." Featuring seven foldout screens, the Aurora 7 is billed as a mobile workstation without compromise. Asus ain't got nothing on this.

Expanscape says the beast of a computer is ideal for everyone from developers to content creators and gamers who don't want to leave their monitors behind when they leave the house. It will make you look like an asshole at the coffee shop, however.

If you pull out this bad boy at the café, we'd kind of respect you.Expanscape

It's a portable desktop — There are two minor problems with Expanscape's "no compromises" message: one, the laptop has a battery life of one hour. And second, it weighs a whopping 26 pounds. We might not even call this a laptop but rather a "luggable computer" — you're not going to be using the Aurora 7 on your lap, and you're definitely going to be parked up at an outlet most of the time.

Nonetheless, you are getting a lot of computer here. The Aurora 7 is powered by an Intel i9 9900K processor with 64GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics card, plus it comes with 2TB of hard drive storage as well as 2.5TB of SSD storage. There are four 17.3-inch 4K LCDs here, as well as three 7-inch screens each with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. One is located on the laptop's wrist rest, which just goes to show the company shoved them wherever it could find space.

To call it a laptop, Expanscape says it managed to engineer the Aurora 7's screens to fold up onto themselves and create a flat profile. Even if that hefty weight means it still won't be easily portable. The company hopes to cut its heft down to 22 pounds, though.

We kind of feel like a more sophisticated engineer could have fit at least two more screens in. But thankfully there's an HDMI port on the side, so you should be able to connect another yourself.


Price unknown — The Aurora 7 is just a prototype, but Expanscape says that it will sell prototype models even before they're finalized because there is "immediate demand" amongst the likes of developers and day traders. Considering we're all stuck at home, I guess being beholden to a power outlet might not be that much of a downside after all.

There's no pricing available for the Aurora 7 and interested buyers must contact the company directly to place an order, which tells us the computer isn't going to be cheap. But maybe you'd pay anything for the number of tabs you can no doubt open on this bad boy.