Detailed hand tracking comes to the Oculus Quest

Your VR life is about the get a lot more interesting.

Well here's a pleasant holiday surprise. Hand tracking has been officially released to developers for the Oculus Quest, following up the announcement made back in September that virtual digits would be coming to the headset. In the latest developer SDK, the company adds basic hand gestures for Quest’s Library and Store interfaces, and the first-party Oculus Browser and Oculus TV. You'll also be able to set room orientations, like floor height and the "Guardian" boundary. Most importantly, it gives the wider world of developers access to the tools.

Just for the devs, for now — The feature won't matter much to users until developers are able to experiment and add functionality to their apps, but early demos of the software make it clear that there's a whole new universe of functionality that can be unlocked with the tracking, which — even in this early version — seems incredibly sensitive and accurate. You can see more of the action in the videos below.