Delta's in-flight entertainment could soon come with a "binge button"

The company introduced new app and entertainment features to improve your experience.


At CES on Tuesday, Delta announced a slate of new features aimed at improving customer experience. As anyone who has flown Delta will tell you, that bar is pretty low, but this onslaught of perks could be akin to when Domino’s improved their pizza recipe.

Delta is offering more in-app features, like TSA wait times and specific seat boarding notifications, smoother integration with Lyft, and completely upgrading its inflight entertainment options to include a binge button and recommendations.

What’s coming to the app — The impending Fly Delta app updates are part of Delta’s plan to create a digital concierge service. The Lyft partnership will become more robust by allowing riders to pay for trips with their Delta Sky Miles and will eventually incorporate weather and traffic information to get you out the door on time for your flight.

“Customers tell us they want Fly Delta to become their ‘home base’ for managing their travel day,” said Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Air Lines, in a statement. “That’s why we’re evolving the app to become the ultimate travel companion for all points of your journey.”

Later this month, Delta travelers will know exactly when their seat is boarding (as opposed to the whole plane), be able to pre-select meals, automatically check-in for international flights, and “select markets” will have TSA wait times.

Delta also optimistically believes it can eventually streamline going through security, facilitate biometric check-ins, permanent bag-tracking tags, and gate screens that display only your travel information when you’re nearby.

Please direct your attention to the screen in front of you— In 2016, Delta launched Delta Flight Products to focus on its inflight entertainment. The company gradually added wireless screens to seatbacks that are easy to retrofit on smaller plans and compatible with wireless headphones.

Now, Delta’s made some serious deals to match its content with its hardware. A partnership with ReFrame centers titles where women held prominent roles in front of and behind the camera. Disney+ titles will join Spotify podcasts and Hulu Originals on Delta flights, which will be the first airlines to air “Frozen 2.”

If you start watching something on the way to and/or in the airport, Delta will help you pick up right where you left off on its seatback screens. Over the course of the year, the company will test a binge button, surfacing personalized recommendations, and options to be woken up or left alone to sleep during meal service. Because only you should decide whether or not Biscoff is worth losing sleep over.