Create drinking water from thin air with the SOURCE Rexi

You don't even need electricity.

Zero Mass Water has been making devices that pull fresh water directly out of the air since its founding in 2014, but this year the company has a residential model called the SOURCE Rexi. These devices, called “hydropanels,” use a special material to condense water, including areas with low humidity. And they do it without dirty grid energy thanks to their built-in solar panels.

via Zero Mass Water

We found this company at the Unveiled show here at CES and it caught my attention because, let’s face it, with growing evidence of climate change and crumbling infrastrastructure, access to clean water even in wealthy areas isn’t a given. In fact, 1.1 billion people lack access to clean water today according to the World Wildlife Foundation.

One Rexi hydropanel can generate more than a gallon of fresh drinking water per day (depending on sunshine and humidity), according to a representative from Zero Mass Water. That’s not enough for showers, of course, but with a handful of panels you could generate enough drinking water for a small family. And I’m not saying that the Rexi is exclusively for preppers, but if I were building an off-grid home — and trust me, I will — I would certainly be thinking about adding some Rexis to my solar array and rainwater collection system.

If Zero Mass Water’s SOURCE Rexi is something you need for your off-grid home, you can place an order on the company’s website now for $2,500 per hydropanel. Also, email me and tell me about your setup.