ClockworkPi's DevTerm looks to have perfected the retail cyberdeck

The makers of the GameShell emulator are releasing pure cyberpunk computing goodness this spring.

A late capitalist, largely privatized American government run by a megalomaniacal former reality TV star. A deadly pandemic run amok thanks in no small part to widespread Internet disinformation. Space tourists. A climate collapsing around us. Readers, it's time to accept that we live in a real-life cyberpunk dystopia, and move on with our lives in the Sprawl. The fine folks over at clockworkPi certainly seem to be keyed into this truth, given their latest product set to release this spring: the DevTerm, a portable, ultra-sleek, retail "cyberdeck" straight out of Neuromancer.

Wake the fuck up, samurai. We have a city to burn.ClockworkPi

Post-modern, digital minimalism — One of the good things about retrowave computing is that the bar is set rather low when it comes to performance. These days, it just doesn't take much to assemble a barebones machine running the most basic of computer programs. Even so, the people at clockworkPi (makers of the very cool, very sold out GameShell handheld emulator system) have outdone themselves with their newest offering. The DevTerm is an all-in-one personal "post-modern, digital minimalist" 'dek housing an ultracompact clockworkPi 3.14 mainboard, a choice of four upgradable 64-bit ARM cores, as well as 6.8" ultra-wide screen, QWERTY keyboard, mini trackball, micro HDMI output, thermal printer attachment, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The line also boasts 5G WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable lithium battery power source, but the really interesting bonus here is the DevTerm's "external module" offering designed specifically with DIY projects in mind. "More possibilities, such as AI accelerator, 4G/5G module, Software-defined Radio, oscilloscope, FPV ground station, audio mixer, game cassette reader, EEG/ECG monitoring modules, and even microscopic slide analyzer modules have already been envisioned," reads the clockworkPi's site. The DevTerm will also come with an open-source development kit along with a DIY assembly, "just like LEGO, Gundam, [and] Tamiya." Check out the gallery below for more images, and try not to drool too much.

Set to ship in Spring 2021 — ClockworkPi's DevTerm is currently available for pre-order starting at $219, with upgraded models at $249 and $349 also available. While no official release date has been given yet, they currently are aiming to have the first round of shipments available sometime before April 2021. For those who can't wait that long, there's an entire Raspberry Pi desktop system contained within a keyboard unit for just $70 that's set to ship in February.