The controversial sex toy company Lora Dicarlo is back with two new robo stimulators

Absolutely no vibration, only robotic love.

A sex toy company named Lora Dicarlo debuted the Osé (pictured above) at CES 2019, won an award for it, lost it, then got the award back. Now the company is back with two new sex robots: the Onda, a robotic G-spot massager, and the Baci, a robotic clitoral stimulator.

The Onda G-spot massager

The deal is that the Osé (the older one) is a two-in-one, which you can buy now for $290, that will perform both G-spot and clitoral stimulation at once using robotic motion, rather than vibration. But supposing that you don’t have $290 to shell out, the Onda and Baci unbundle the two, so now you can get either G-spot or clitoral stimulation in separate devices. Representatives at Lora Dicalo Onda told me they will be available in March for around $150.

The very tall Osé.Zach Goldstein / Input
The Baci.Zach Goldstein / Input