Canoo debuts $33,000 electric delivery van, with more EVs to come

The electric vehicle startup plans to have the model widely available by 2023.

With plans already in motion for a subscription-based electric vehicle rental service (aka Netflix for cars), the promising EV startup, Canoo, has announced a new line of customizable delivery vans with an eye for public purchase within the next two years. The Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle (MPDV) will come in two models initially, and at a very affordable starting price of $33,000.

Designed for maximum 'return on investment' — According to Canoo's official press release, the MPDV and MPDV2 are specifically designed for mass-market consumers' budgets. "We aim to lower the total cost of ownership and increase return on investment for everyone from local small business owners to large fleets," Canoo's Executive Chairman, Tony Aquila, said in the statement. In terms of a release window, however, it will, unfortunately, take a bit of time before both models are hitting the streets. "Limited availability" is planned to start in 2022, with a "scaled production and launch" planned for the following year.

The nitty-gritty details — Both MPDV models include 200-horsepower engines, with 40, 60, and 80 kWh battery offerings for EPA ranges between 90 and 300 miles, depending on vehicle variant and battery size. The 80-kWh option on each van will also include a "DC Fast Charging time of 28 minutes from 20% to 80% charge," according to Canoo. Check out closer looks at the very Cyberpunk 2077 vans below.

More vehicle lines to come soon — It's clear from Canoo's site and PR that the MPDV is far from the final offering in the EV startup's queue. The company's homepage, while already highlighting its delivery van, base "lifestyle vehicle," and modular B2B EV platform, also teases silhouettes of what look to be a pickup truck and sedan. Additionally, the MPDV press release mentions a third version of the van will be announced sometime in the near future. And with Hyundai recently getting in on the company's action, too, it looks like this EV line might actually have a chance in the increasingly crowded market.