CES 2022

Bugatti's first electric vehicle is a commuter scooter

It's not exactly high-powered. Pretty luxurious, though.

Bugatti’s first all-electric vehicle is here — but it’s not a sports car. No, the French automaker’s first foray into EVs is actually a battery-powered scooter. And not even a super luxurious one, if you can believe it.

The scooter, which is as-of-yet unnamed, actually made its debut last week at CES 2022. No one really noticed the scooter amongst all the robots and gadgets, it seems, and we can’t say we blame them — it’s pretty unremarkable. Sleek but not exactly show-stopping.


The scooter is the product of a partnership between Bugatti and Bytech International, a company best-known for creating headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and — wait for it — Minions gear. No, that’s not even a joke.

Will Bugatti’s electric scooter take over the market? We’re leaning towards no on that one. But hey, it’s a nice option for Bugatti fanboys… right?

Middling specs — The Bugatti scooter isn’t exactly mind-blowing, as far as its internals go. It’s powered by a 700W motor — just under one horsepower — and has a top speed of about 19 mph. It weighs about 35 pounds and can go about 22 miles on a single charge. The 360Wh battery can be recharged in about four hours on a regular home wall outlet, Bugatti says.

Despite not really living up to Bugatti’s hyper-fast legacy, the rechargeable scooter does manage to maintain a sense of luxury. Its magnesium alloy frame comes in black, blue, or silver, and it includes a relatively large LED display for monitoring your speed, battery life, and riding mode. Oh, and it can project the Bugatti logo on the ground behind you. Nice.

We’ll see about this — Okay, so the Bugatti scooter isn’t groundbreaking. But it’s pretty, that’s something.

Whether or not the Bugatti scooter can actually be successful is another matter entirely. There are many, many electric scooters on the market right now. Many of them are much more high-powered than Bugatti’s. It’s going to be a tough sale.

If we consider the target audience for this particular scooter to be luxury car enthusiasts, though, that market shrinks considerably. How many electric scooters will project the Bugatti logo behind you, reminding everyone of your wealth? Just one, as far as we know.

Don’t get too excited right now, though — we have no info about a release date or pricing. It doesn’t even have a name yet. That’s okay. Take your time, Bugatti.