Boston Dynamics Spot can now recharge without a human's help

Spot can jump rope now, too.


Boston Dynamics has announced the launch of Spot Enterprise, which is the latest iteration of its robot, this time with much more charging abilities. Spot Enterprise is aggressive about letting consumers know that "autonomy" is the key point of this release. The robot requires zero human interaction with its built-in dock detection system. Spot will simply use fiducial markers, which are like QR scan codes, to spot the charging hub and connect itself to the port.

From now on, Spot can find the tablet interface and charge "at the push of a button or call or a program, without any other operator directions," according to Boston Dynamics. This is thanks to "longer Autowalk missions, enhanced WiFi, and Ethernet connection while docked," the company explained.

Think you want a Spot of your own? Get ready to put some major cash on the counter. Boston Dynamics placed the bot on sale in 2020 and it came out to be a whopping $74,500. It sounds like a lot for a creepy robot but did you know Spot can pick up after your dirty laundry?

What else is Spot up to? — Boston Dynamics is constantly trying to improve its robots, even if the public reception to these machines swings between fascination and unease. It will take some time before Spot is seen as a regular and normal part of life.

Still, the unsettlement around a dog-like robot isn't enough to stop Spot's optimization. In the latest developments, Boston Dynamics has also introduced more moves for Spot, including a robotic arm and an improved programming interface for better use. This latest improvement allows Spot to exercise much more mobility with a mounted arm, including digging holes in the ground (which would help for gardening for people like yours truly), even sketching on a flat surface, and picking up small to medium objects from the ground. Look.

Spot can also jump rope in complete sync with other robots. You already probably knew that Spot can open doors (this little bit freaks me out), pull levers up and down, take files out of a pile, move trolleys around, drag bricks across parking lots, and other activities.

Of course, any mention of Boston Dynamics brings me back to that one Black Mirror episode called Metalhead. We're not saying Spot will become self-aware and murderous but imagine a robot that skips rope and wants to beat human ass. The stuff of nightmares.