BMW’s i4 eDrive35 now has an official price

BMW’s latest fully-electric sedan has a smaller battery and less horsepower, but starts at an attractive $51,400.

BMW i4 eDrive35

There’s a premium when it comes to luxury car brands like BMW, but its latest electric vehicle is aiming for affordability. BMW just revealed the official price for its i4 eDrive35, which starts at $51,400 — a price that places it among the more affordable EV offerings in BMW’s lineup.

The i4 eDrive35 will be one of BMW’s most affordable EV options.BMW

With the i4 eDrive35, BMW is rounding out its EV lineup that currently includes the i4 eDrive40, and the far sportier i4 M50 with 536 horsepower. For reference, the i4 eDrive40 starts at $55,900, while the i4 M50 starts at $67,300. Since it comes with a lower price tag, the i4 eDrive35 also has less horsepower, a smaller battery, and less range.

Still, it’s not a bad thing that BMW is expanding its EV lineup with less expensive options, especially considering its iX SUV will start at $83,200. The starting price of the i4 eDrive35 would make it one of the more affordable BMW EV options, along with the iX1 that’s also rumored to be on the lower end of the price spectrum.

Lower range, lower price — BMW is using the same Gen5 eDrive powertrain technology that the other two electric sedans were built on to build the i4 eDrive 35. According to BMW’s preliminary estimates, its upcoming EV runs on a single electric motor that gives it 281 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. BMW also says the i4 eDrive35 can hit 0 to 60 mph in 5.8 seconds. Those numbers aren’t breaking any records, but they’re more than enough to make it a solid choice as a daily driver.

The lower range might be a dealbreaker for those who frequently do long trips.BMW

For motorists intent on taking longer trips, though, the i4 eDrive35 may not foot the bill. The sedan has a smaller battery than the rest, offering a roughly 260-mile range. That’s slightly worse than the i4 M50’s 270-mile range, but a solid amount less than the i4 eDrive40’s 301-mile range. You’ll be able to charge the battery at a rate of up to 180kW, and from 10 to 80 percent in rough 32 minutes.

Brand loyalty — The i4 eDrive35 should slot nicely into the lower-end of BMW’s EV lineup, which is perfect for those looking for something a little more affordable. Of course, BMW will be facing competition from other companies’ fully electric sedans, like Lightyear’s upcoming Two model that’s expected to start around $34,000.

But, BMW is banking on the fact that you’ll pay a little more just for that logo in the front. The i4 eDrive35 is expected to start production in the fourth quarter of 2022, with deliveries projected to start in the first quarter of 2023.