AT&T has begun rolling out its call verification service

Right now it’s only supported on three Android phones.

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Over 65 billion spam calls were sent in 2019, and AT&T is stepping up to take action. The wireless carrier announced today that it’s activated a new call validation display to let users know incoming calls are actually coming from the number reading out on Caller ID.

Right now the service is only available for the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and the LG V40 ThinQ. AT&T digital home phone users can also opt into the program. AT&T has stated that the feature will come to other phones in the near future.

How will you know? — If a number has been validated by AT&T, the words “Valid number” will display beneath the caller’s phone number. A little green checkmark is also shown directly next to the phone number.

Stirred and shaken, please — The set of protocols used to verify a caller’s identity is known as STIR/SHAKEN. Basically, every phone is given a sort of digital signature that allows carriers to authenticate phone numbers. AT&T had promised earlier this year that it would be testing the protocols.

Beware of “bad guys” — In its announcement, AT&T makes sure to note that a valid number does not mean the caller is a “good guy.” Verification just means the caller’s number hasn’t been spoofed.

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