Apple's new rack-mounted Mac Pro is available for order

The new most expensive Mac ever.


Apple’s new Mac Pro went on sale in December, and starting today the rackable version is available for order, starting at $6,499 (or $53,899 fully spec’d out). This model is intended to be mounted in server rack setups, and is essentially the same as the standard Mac Pro besides a slightly modified design.

The most notable difference is that this model comes with rack-mounting rails instead of wheels, since a rack-mounted computer would obviously remain stationary. Besides that the specs are the same. Interestingly, Apple chose to continue including a keyboard and mouse with this model.

This is a return to servers for Apple — The previous Mac Pro couldn’t really be used as a server at all because it literally had a cylindrical design, meaning it couldn’t lay flat.

Professionals widely panned that computer’s unconventional design for making it difficult to modify the machine. The case on the new Mac Pro easily slides off and provides 360-degree access to its internal components, which are easy to remove and replace. The model going on sale today is no exception there.

If you want to welcome macOS back to your server farm, pre-orders are open now, and the new Mac Pro will ship starting in early February.