Apple may use titanium in iPhones from 2022

Titanium is as durable as the stainless steel found in existing devices, but almost half the weight.

Titanium-coated metal spring on holographic foil with rainbow light effects. Low key lighting.
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Apple may begin using titanium metal in the frame of iPhones starting in 2022. That’s according to an analyst report from JP Morgan Chase, which says the lightweight metal would be reserved for the Pro model, while the rest of the iPhone lineup will continue using stainless steel or aluminum.

The analyst note was first discovered by iPhoneWired.

Weight loss program — The benefit of titanium is that it’s as durable as stainless steel, found in the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. But titanium is almost half the weight of steel, meaning Apple could make the devices far lighter without making them thinner and potentially affecting battery life.

As 9to5Mac reported earlier, Apple was recently granted a patent for a means of creating titanium for portable electronics with a semi-gloss finish. Though patents filed by large companies like Apple frequently go unused (they file patents for research because they could use them later, or sell the patents), it at least suggests Apple is toying with ways to use titanium in new phones. One of its devices, the Apple Watch, already comes available with a titanium body.

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Titanium is typically more expensive than stainless steel because it is denser by weight. But that also means smaller amounts are needed to have the same density as stainless steel.

iPhone 13 — The titanium iPhone would not be available this calendar year with the launch of the iPhone 13 (or whatever it’s to be called), but would arrive instead in 2022.

The iPhone 13 is expected to be unveiled this September following Apple’s typical release cycle.

There have already been rumors spreading online about the upcoming phone, with mockup images suggesting it will not deviate much from the iPhone 12 family, at least in terms of design. The phone reportedly will have improved cameras and a faster 120Hz refresh rate on the display, providing for smoother movement of graphics on the screen.