Algoriddim will let you separate vocals and instrumentals in real time

Extract and then isolate elements for the perfect DJ experience.


You don't have to be a boring, average DJ switching tracks in a lonely Brooklyn dive bar anymore. Things just got a lot cooler with the new djay Pro AI from Algoriddim. This time its Neural Mix will let musicians separate vocals and instrumentals in real time.

You can splice it however you want — acapella or plain instruments, the world is your audio oyster. The technology takes advantage of Apple's Core ML framework alongside the A12 Bionic chip so you can cut, separate, and splice tunes. The technology allows for, as Algoriddim puts it, a "human brain-like processing of sound" and "redefines what is possible with mobile technology, music, and AI."

Check it out.

Isolate for more fun — For a while now, some songs have been available to DJs as stem files so that they could mix the separate elements in the track according to their own taste. It's a multi-track audio approach that allows professional and aspiring DJs the autonomy to spice things up. But with djay Pro AI, you can extract elements from a song in realtime with the help of sliders.


In the Instagram video uploaded by Algoriddim, you can see the DJ adjusting the sliders to different segments. With a simple slide up or down depending on the bar, you can hear the instrumentals or just the vocals. Isolating elements like that in realtime can help DJs create much more immersive and dynamic experiences for the audience.

How to cop — You can get Neural Mix in the App Store for $5 per month. If you're curious, you can give the djay Pro AI a shot through the store and add the Neural Mix on. It's far cheaper than buying a whole sound set and seeing if a bar would ever want your neo-noir synthwave playlist. Why not experiment in the comfort of your home?