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A strange bug is making WhatsApp drain OnePlus phone batteries

Some Xiaomi phones are also affected.

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On Reddit, OnePlus forums, and the Play Store, OnePlus users are complaining about a battery-draining bug. The app seems to be sucking the life out of these phones.

Certain OnePlus devices running Android 9 and 10 have reported up to 40 percent battery dips after barely using WhatsApp. Users are pinning the problem on the app’s latest update: v.219.308.

Some solutions — One user found success in upgrading from Android 9 to 10, but this fix won’t help existing Android 10 users. Another user found a force stop on the app will halt the issue, but you won’t be able to use WhatsApp without the problem starting anew.

This bug started affecting devices as early as a week ago and doesn’t seem to impact all OnePlus phones.

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