Vollebak is making a 'Garbage Watch' out of recycled motherboards

Yes, it actually has 'Garbage Watch' inscribed on it.

Electronic waste is a huge problem that, at least for me, induces a wave of existential dread, much like climate change. To call attention to the problem, Vollebak is creating a timepiece called the Garbage Watch, which is made out of recycled computer parts.

In the press release, Vollebak co-founder Steve Tidball said "To avoid trashing our own planet, we need to start figuring out how to re-use the stuff we already have. So our Garbage Watch started with a very simple idea. What if electronic waste isn’t garbage? What if it’s simply pre-assembled raw materials that we can use to make new things. That’s why everything you can see on the Garbage Watch used to be something else – a motherboard from your computer, a microchip in your smartphone, or wiring from your TV."

As you can see, it looks absolutely wild.

If you look closely you can see a number of design motifs that reference its PC motherboard inspiration. First, the backing of the face looks like a PCB with exposed traces. Then, along the top and right-hand side, there are some open connectors that you won't find on a PC motherboard, but are common in cellphone and consumer electronics design. At the bottom left we have something that looks like a speaker, or perhaps a cylindrical buzzer motor. Finally, and perhaps most strikingly, we see that the watch straps are huge, ATX-style wires.

Of course, if you really give these images the evil eye, you'll notice that this watch is huge. Check out the image below and compare the Garbage Watch to the PCI Express 16x slot off to the left. Yep, this bad boy is an absolute unit.

Of course, what we're looking at is only a prototype. If you're interested in the Garbage Watch, you can put your name on the waitlist on Vollebak's website. The timepiece is slated to arrive sometime in 2021 and is a collaboration with Wallpaper magazine's upcoming Re-made project. There aren't any details on pricing, but given how expensive Vollebak's Indestructible and Full Metal jackets are, it probably won't be cheap.