Summer as we know it may be dead. These 10 stylish sunglasses will hide your tears.

Even if you're lost, you can still look good.


For me personally, the concept of sunglasses season is a foreign one. I have blue eyes, and thus weak eyes when it comes to the harsh rays of the sun. Every season is sunglasses season for me because of the shortage of melanin in these ojos.

That said, I'll never shy away from an excuse to buy new stuff. And with rising temperatures hopefully bringing up our collective mood in the midst of this pandemic, it's a fantastic time to spruce up your wardrobe with a new pair of sunglasses. Whether there's a void in your repertoire or you already have a pair (or more) you're satisfied with, there's nothing wrong with adding something new. The right pair of shades can elevate any outfit — and if retail therapy is your thing, a new pair of shades is easy to justify because you'll get more wear out of them than most articles of clothing.

In an effort to oblige this pursuit, we've put together a list of some of the most stylish shades on the market right now. Do you want to keep it classic or go for a statement piece that's very much of the moment? Either way, we've got you. We've also assembled a variety of price points, but it's worth noting that you should be prepared to shell out at least $100 for a solid pair. You can always go cheaper, but the quality is going to suffer. You're better off investing a little more for a pair that'll last you for years, provided you don't lose them.

Take a gander to find the right pair for you.

Loewe Paula's Ibiza Original Sunglasses ($360)

Let's start with the hottest pair of shades for a second year running, courtesy of the Spanish luxury house Loewe. The sunken frames stand out from the rest of the market with a vintage flair that'll have you looking straight out of a retro beach portrait. And your money will also do some good, as Loewe is donating €40 (~$43) for each pair sold to educational projects for children impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Ray-Ban Octagonal Classic ($123)


Want something that's cheaper but still dynamic? Consider these geometric joints from the ever-reliable Ray-Ban, which has slashed the price down from $154. Take an additional 25 percent off with Ray-Ban's current promotion and you're down to under a Benjamin for a real steal.

District Vision Koharu District Indigo Mirror ($249)

District Vision

For something more sporty, District Vision is a Japanese brand making the best running sunglasses around. On top of looking cool as hell, DV's offerings are super lightweight and feature hypoallergenic nose-pads to combat your sweat. This pair weighs just 22 grams, thanks to a titanium core.

Prada Linea Rossa Eyewear Collection ($310)


Or maybe you just want the aesthetic. Prada's Linea Rossa line capitalizes on the trend these light, nylon fiber frames that would be prime for the bad guy at an '80s ski resort. I have a similar pair from Prada Sport that predates the revival of the seminal Linea Rossa line. I feel kind of like a tool when I actually run in them, which I also kinda love.

Sun Buddies Greta Black ($155)

Sun Buddies

Have these all been too loud for you? Sun Buddies, which has a wide range of reasonably priced sunglasses, including this take on the classic Wayfarer silhouette. You can't go wrong with the original from Ray-Ban, but seeking out something that takes inspiration from the original ensures you're less likely to run into someone else wearing exactly the same thing.

Moscot Miltzen Sun ($300)


Moscot does timeless eyewear immaculately, and it's really a dealer's choice when it comes to their catalog. These clear variants of the Miltzen Sun are bangers, but so is everything else from the brand that's been around for five generations.

Garrett Leight x Rimowa GLCO M 49 ($365)


Can I recommend a pair just for the case? This Garrett Leight collaboration with Rimowa comes with a case with the same ribbing as the current statement luggage to match. But the sunglasses themselves are no slouch either with a similar treatment on the tiny temples.

Retrosuperfuture Lira Tutti Frutti ($215)


I've been buying shades from Retrosuperfuture for a decade now, losing pairs back when I was a broke college kid who shouldn't have kept re-upping. I just can't stop coming back to the brand's impeccable quality, handmade in Italy. This yellow pair, in particular, will become the focal point of any summer fit.

Oliver Peoples Daveigh ($149)

Designer Eyes

I own this exact pair, which I picked up for a serious bargain at a discount department store. You too can avoid the normal and guffaw-inducing price tag of $420 by venturing out to a third party in Speert. I feel like Howie from Uncut Gems every time I wear them, which is a feeling I want to share with more people.

Marine Serre Project Edition Moon Trylex ($515)


Let's end things with the pair I personally want most. Marine Serre is somehow just 28 years old and is one of the most exciting young designers around right now. Her signature moon motif is a subtle political statement, as it's inspired by the Islamic star and crescent. And oh my does it look incredible at the center of these orange and gold athletic shades.