Good Finds

The 6 best things on sale at The North Face right now

I sifted through the discounts so you don't have to.

Listen, I need to come clean: I’ve been shopping for fall apparel. I oscillate between spending way too little on clothes — this summer I looked terrible because I can never find shorts that look right on thick, manly legs — and binge shopping for nice fall and winter pieces, which is what I’m doing now.

Now, as always, I have to defend my love of The North Face. Some people only see it as the mid-2000s staple that it still absolutely is. Just look at this creepy video of Jennifer Aniston wearing a completely normal Nuptse jacket from 2006.

But, if you’re cross-shopping for performance, athletic, or cold-weather clothes, I would argue that The North Face is just the best game in town, price- and quality-wise. It’s kind of like when you realize that Nike apparel is kind of expensive, but as soon as you move up to even marginally more boutique brands, the prices skyrocket.

Anyway, please enjoy the banquet of sales that I have assembled for you.

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I have Campshire fleeces in both full-zip and pull-over and let me tell you something; these things are the pinnacle of cozy. The full-zip is just a touch lighter than the pull-over, which is great because you can wear it indoors, but the pullover is thick and fluffy enough to keep you warm down to probably 40-ish degrees, which is wild.

Guys, I have great news: You can purchase women’s clothing. It’s totally legal and most of the time nobody will know. In fact, women’s clothes often have way more interesting designs while their men’s counterparts have to be toned down because of *looks at notes* ah, yes, toxic masculinity and homophobia. Lame!

Here’s a perfect example: The North Face’s women's Berkely jacket. It’s a bold interpretation of the classic work shirt. Just jump up one size and you’re good to go.

The North Face’s Peril jacket looks extremely cool and extremely retro. I love the slight crop and taper in the back, and it gives me 1990s X-Men vibes.

Shoes? From The North Face? Actually, yes. I wore a pair of Futurelight Fastpacks to hike in the Adirondacks a few weeks ago and they were great (and extremely waterproof, almost to a shocking degree.) These Safien’s are similar, and instead of Futurelight they feature Gore-Tex for waterproofing. And for $75? How can you go wrong?

Speaking of Futurelight (which I reviewed here), I was blown away when I saw that The North Face’s Dryzzle jacket was on sale for $137.40. Admittedly, this is probably for a reason — it doesn’t look all that interesting and it doesn’t have pit zips, which is kind of a big deal if you’re looking for a lightweight rain jacket. But, considering how waterproof Futurelight is, I’m definitely considering getting one myself.

There aren’t many sizes left, but a $130 discount on one of The North Face’s warmest jackets? Honestly kind of insane. Want a really good deal on a jacket though? Check out The North Face’s “renewed” store. Not only can you score an absolutely killer deal on what would otherwise be an unbelievably expensive jacket, you’re keeping jackets out of landfills. Win win!