Supreme's about to drop a portable charger that jump-starts your car

The brand slapped its hyped logo on Mophie's Powerstation Go.

No other brand is remotely close to matching Supreme's game of launching random, over-the-top accessories that sell out in seconds. I mean, a brick? Oreo cookies? Ziploc bags? Teddy bear? The list goes on and on, and one of its latest creations is surely bound to go down as a classic and a must-have for hypebeasts: the Supreme x Mophie Powerstation Go.

A more 'Supreme' Mophie charger — The collaboration is really just a rebranded version of Mophie's portable battery pack, which features a wireless charger for Qi-enabled smartphones and tablets, two USB-A ports, a built-in AC outlet and LED floodlight, and of course, Supreme's iconic logo. Most importantly, perhaps, this Powerstation Go is powerful enough to jump-start "a full-size car," per Mophie, and it comes with spark-proof jumper cables included.


According to DropsByJay, an Instagram page that covers Supreme leaks, the streetwear brand's Mophie Powerstation Go is set to drop on Thursday, September 10 at 11 a.m. ET on its site, though there's no word on pricing yet. That said, the original, non-Supreme version of Mophie's portable charger typically sells for $160, so you can expect it to be somewhere in that ballpark. As pictured above, Supreme's Powerstation Go will be available in its traditional red color, as well as black, both with mismatched red-and-black jumper cables.

No time to waste — As usual when it comes to almost any product Supreme releases, its latest portable power pack is likely going to sell out in minutes (if not seconds). This means that, if you're hoping to get one, you better be on Supreme's online shop with your credit card ready right when 11 a.m. hits. Because, if you don't, you're going to have to end up buying Mophie's regular, boring Powerstation Go — and why would any hypebeast in their right mind want that?

Worst comes to worst, you can always go for the Pat McGrath lipstick collab or the sofa/bed seat made with Trix, another accessory that's part of the same drop and is going to be a classic for years to come. Either way, good luck to you. You're going to need it.