StockX is about to start charging a $30 premium to ship sneakers faster

For $29.95, "Xpress Buy" could let buyers get their pairs in just two business days.


Sneaker buyers on StockX could soon start getting pairs delivered in a faster way, for a fee. Input has learned that the resale marketplace for streetwear and other coveted goods is working on a feature for its app called "Xpress Buy," which would let customers order shoes and receive them in two business days, as opposed to the current process of 7-10 days. In order to take advantage of Xpress Buy, people will have to pay $29.95 for the quicker service, compared to the $13.95 the company charges for shipping at the moment — and don't forget this would be on top of the new 3 percent processing fee that was instituted recently.

Testing the market — Right now it's unclear when StockX plans to launch Xpress Buy (if at all) or whether the company is simply looking to research if buyers would be interested in it. Based on our experience with the feature in the StockX app, the reseller seems to be inserting the option in the checkout page of sneaker purchases, though we couldn't order a pair using Xpress Buy as it's not live yet. "How Xpress Buy Could Change the Game," reads a message on the StockX app where Xpress Buy is being promoted. "Interested in purchasing pre-authenticated sneakers that arrive faster? Get notified if Xpress Buy becomes a reality."

StockX, which did not respond to Input's request for comment, may already be rolling out this Xpress Buy tease to certain customers, and those people would like to have access to it can enter their email addresses to get notified in the future.

Edgar Alvarez / Input

The missing piece — Aside from security features such as two-factor authentication, many StockX power buyers have long been waiting for an expedited way to get their sneakers shipped from the app — and it looks like they'll finally get it. Resale app GOAT, StockX's main competitor, has had a similar feature for a while now, dubbed "Instant Ship." Unlike the $29.95 that StockX seems to be planning to charge for Xpress Buy, however, GOAT's Instant Ship pricing for pre-authenticated pairs vary by a sneaker's model or size, and not all of them have the feature available.

The addition of Xpress Buy could make StockX even more compelling to sneakerheads, who are often desperate to get their hyped items as quickly as possible. Back in April, Input reported that StockX was laying off 12 percent of its staff in drastic cost-cutting measures, and since this would be another fee to tack on its sales, it could become another source of revenue as it races to become profitable. There's also no reason why Xpress Buy couldn't be applied to other products StockX resells, including apparel, handbags, watches, and collectibles — or a Nintendo Switch.

We'll update this story if StockX gets back to us.

Edgar Alvarez / Input