The always stylish rappers Smoke DZA and Abby Jasmine on the streetwear they love

They tell us about their style, their closet favorites, and their sneaker grails.

I'm a simple man: I see an all-black outfit and, most of the time, I instantly fall in love with it. But, at the same time, I always appreciate how different people style themselves — especially when looking fabulous isn't their only super talent.. Two of those individuals are Smoke DZA and Abby Jasmine, rappers signed to the record label Cinematic Music Group who live and breathe streetwear. So, if you want to trust anyone about what's hot in the ever-evolving world of sneakers, apparel, and fashion in general, they would be it.

Thankfully for you (and us), Smoke SZA and Abby let Input step into their creative mind to talk about where their style inspiration comes from, the streetwear pieces they're most into, and what's a pair of sneakers they don't own yet but hope to soon, among other things.

Smoke DZA

Cinematic Music Group

Often described as "The East Coast Snoop Dogg," Smoke DZA has collaborated with artists including Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Action Bronson, Rick Ross, ScHoolboy Q, and Cam’ron, to mention a few. He says his fashion inspiration comes from being born and raised in Harlem, where he would look to "all the hustlers" who always looked as if they were in a music video. "That’s what growing for me in Harlem was like," Smoke SZA said. "One big music video with many cameos."

Abby Jasmine

Cinematic Music Group

22-year-old Abby Jasmine is already taking the rap world by storm, thanks to her dreamy R&B-meets-soul vocals and a charisma that stems from her New York City roots. Her latest project, dubbed "Who Cares?", is the perfect emblem of her Big Apple personality and, perhaps most importantly, her potential as an artist. No surprise, considering she comes form what's arguably the mecca of streetwear, Abby Jasmine's style is also impeccable — which comes from "wanting to be comfy and fly at the same time."