Reebok's 'Undersounds' sneakers have built-in curated Spotify playlists

The three city-inspired colors are available now for $120.

It's not every day we write about footwear that comes with a unique musical twist. But it is 2020, after all, and anything can happen. So here comes Reebok's "Zig Kinetica Undersounds" collection, a trio of sneakers that feature printed Spotify codes on the insoles that can be scanned with a smartphone to get access to three different, city-inspired playlists on the music-streaming service. The curated tunes, according to Spotify, are each "inspired by the sounds and scenes that bring each city to life" – with those being Atlanta, Houston, and New York City.

Wear your colors on your feet — Naturally, the NYC pair (pictured above) comes in a mostly black color with hints of gold and dark red on the midsole, a design truly fitting of The Big Apple. As for the other two Zig Kinetica Undersounds sneakers, the Atlanta style is covered in a hue that Reebok calls "Lemon Glow," while the Houston version takes on a "Porcelain" and "Grape Punch" (aka white and purple) look. And if you don't have any ties to any particular city, then you can just choose whichever one you'd like to be seen running in.


Spotify says the embedded playlists in the shoes — dubbed Atlanta "Lemon Pepper," Houston "Candy Paint," and "New York Minute" — have all been curated to reflect the tune vibes of their city. The NYC playlist, for instance, has music that's a "celebration of the daily grind ... and the innate hustle of its locals."

You can get 'em today — If you do buy the any of the Zig Kinetica Undersounds, which are available now for $120, all you have to do to bring up the city playlists is open the Spotify app, hit search, and then scan the printed code that's on the shoe's insoles. While the feature may seem a little gimmicky, we still appreciate seeing brands like Reebok spicing things up with their products — and who can say no to some new music?

"Atlanta Zig Kinetica Undersounds"Reebok
"Houston Zig Kinetica Undersounds"Reebok