A closer look at Reebok’s flashy ‘Power Rangers’ Megazord sneakers

The Question Mid shoes get a mighty makeover, and you’re probably going to want them if you’re a fan of the ‘90s superhero series.

Reebok Power Rangers Question Mid basketball sneakers shoes
Edgar Alvarez Barajas

Reebok has been into nostalgia lately, catering to sneakerheads and fans of TV shows and movies with themed limited-edition sneakers — like these Jurassic Park monstrosities. And now the brand has something special for people who love Power Rangers, the hit live-action show from the ‘90s.

Edgar Alvarez Barajas

This pair here is the “Power Rangers” Question Mid, which brings the colors and aesthetic of the franchise’s characters to one of Reebok’s most iconic basketball sneakers.

Edgar Alvarez Barajas