Nike is bringing its Space Hippie recycled tech to yet another sneaker

This time it's the Daybreak Type.

Nike's Crater Daybreak Type sneaker three-quarter view

If you thought Nike was done launching Space Hippie-inspired sneakers, think again. Following up on the reveal of a bunch of pairs featuring recycled materials, including an Air Jordan and a Converse Chuck Taylor, the brand is now getting ready to drop a Daybreak Type with its so-called Crater Foam. The new shoe, first spotted by Sneaker News, sports the same blue, trash-looking midsole that's on the Space Hippies and Crater Chucks. And since this is a DBreak Type, the heel counter has been upgraded with that same speckled scraps aesthetic, along with a canvas-like upper that gives the entire silhouette a raw, unfinished look and feel.

Coming soon — While there's no official release date, the Crater Daybreak Types should be hitting Nike's website "relatively soon," according to Sneaker News. There's no pricing information, either, but the DBreak Type tends to come with an MSRP of $90 — so you can expect this fresh, sustainable version to come with a similar price tag.

Unlike its trash-made VaporMax 2020, Air Jordan, and Chuck Taylors, Nike's Daybreak Type isn't as hyped a model. But, this is part of the company's "Move to Zero" plan to take its sustainable technologies mainstream, and there's no better way to do than with a sub-$100 sneaker, which may very well be the case with the Crater Foam DBreak Type.


For the masses — In an interview with Input earlier this year, ahead of the launch of the Space Hippie, Nike's sustainability design lead Noah Murphy-Reinhertz said that the goal with using recycled waste and yarns is to design the "products of tomorrow" with the excess materials of today.

"The really important thing in creating these [Space Hippie] shoes was that they proved out the possibilities of these materials," he said. "Our focus was to make something that was versatile and really scalable in doing these [applications], so that it doesn't have to be limited to just one collection." Down the line, he added, the same recycled fabrics and recycled materials we're now seeing on Space Hippies, Jordans, Chucks, and Daybreak Types could make its way to other gear, as well.

So, although Nike is going all-in on sustainable sneakers right now, the next wave could be clothes and accessories, since Murphy-Reinhertz said the brand's toolkit is versatile enough to be implemented to any type of product, not just shoes. We'll see what else that includes in the near future. For now, keep your eyes' peeled to Nike's online shop in case you want a pair of the Crater DBreak Type for yourself.