The absolute best accessories you need for going back to school

Everything you’ll need to succeed, including a desktop planter and a computer sleeve that doubles as a pillow. Will to be productive not included.

Between aiding technology-challenged professors and matching your mask to your outfit, going back to school in the middle of an ongoing pandemic is stressful. But whether you’re planning on learning remotely or returning to campus this fall, there’s no better way to relieve your anxiety with retail therapy. We’ve put together eight accessories to make your everydays a little bit better — and at $30 or less, they’re all within a reasonable college budget. Spend your extra cash on those textbooks (or maybe an after-class treat).

Moleskine’s leather planners are so luxe you’ll actually use them, rather than fill out a few weeks and bail. Each comes with a weekly calendar, interior pocket, and organization stickers to make planning easy.

While some of your classes may be in person, odds are you’ll be staring at a screen for most of your time. Minimize headaches and maximize productivity with blue light glasses, which help reduce your laptop or phone’s glare.

Get ahead of stress with this concrete desktop planter, which allows you to enjoy the relaxing energy of your plants while taking notes. Keeping your plants in a prime study location will also keep you from forgetting to water them.

Getting up early sucks, but it might suck less without your phone’s violent alarm. This retro clock features glow-in-the-dark hands, a snooze button, and an alarm that slowly increases in volume for a more gentle awakening.

Between Zoom classes and Google Docs, your laptop may be your most prized school possession. Keep it safe and stylish in this puffy computer sleeve, which doubles as a pillow for late nights at the library (or long lectures).

Not only will this insulated bottle keep your iced coffee cool all day — or all night — it’ll come in handy for outdoor hangouts, which the pandemic is only encouraging.

Avoid key replacement fees with a keychain that doubles as a cool accessory. Roll the dice on this Stüssy keychain to unlock a durable yet dapper way to keep track of your keys.

Your work ethic might be dead, but your devices don’t have to be. Keep your phone, headphones, and smartwatch charged up for “studying” or your daily walk to class.