Louis Vuitton has a new collection of sleek, noise-cancelling wireless earbuds

Made in partnership with Master & Dynamic.

It's only been a few months since I bought my Apple Airpods Pro, but I'm already thinking about replacing them. There's absolutely nothing wrong with them — I love and use them every day — it's just that Louis Vuitton introduced a new set of noise-cancelling wireless earbuds... and now I want those. The luxury fashion house has teamed up with audio company Master & Dynamic again, as a follow-up to their Horizon Earphones collaboration from 2019.

This time around, they have come out with an updated version of the Horizon Earphones, which are based off of M&D's MW07 Plus earbuds and feature a stainless steel housing, active noise-cancelling, wireless charging and 10mm beryllium drivers for a "warm signature sound." LV's logo shines on the earphone's enclosure, available in an array of flashy and subtle colors: black, white, red, pink and yellow.

Louis Vuitton.

Fashion touches — As much as I love how sleek the Horizon Earphones look, I may be even more into their accompanying carrying and charging case. Depending on which color earbuds you get, Louis Vuitton has cylinder cases that range bright silver to matte black, each donning its iconic "LV" initial and flower monogram on a small cylinder that's made out of a ceramic base and sapphire glass lid. The cases are so stunning that they could easily be sold on their own.

If what you care about is the tech inside the earbuds, M&D says you'll get 10 hours of listening time (with two full charges from the case), an Ambient Listening Mode for hearing your surroundings while you have the earphones on and support for low-energy Bluetooth 5.0.

A pretty penny — This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, but the Louis Vuitton x Master & Dynamic Horizon Earphones are quite expensive — unless you're used to paying high fashion prices. The Horizon Earphones cost $1,090 and they are available exclusively on LV's site, as well as the its retail stores.

Since they're a lot more expensive than the Airpods Pro, I hope the Horizon Earphones sound just as good as Apple's own noise-cancelling earbuds. Because, as much as I want them, it can't be all about looks. Or can it?

Louis Vuitton.
Louis Vuitton.