Kapital’s tactical denim flight vest deserves a salute

Best of the vests.

Kapital has released its latest repurposed piece: an 8oz denim tactical vest. Mixing workwear with military garb, the piece instantly stands out with a diagonal zipper and large zippered pouch. A contrasting red quilted liner bolsters the piece even further, with more subtle detailing coming from two smaller pockets and a handful of faded tags.

Why is this vest the vest? — Vests, gillets, whatever you want to call them — dudes are now integrating them into their wardrobe as they expand their sartorial psyche. That means no shortage of offerings on the market, but like always, Kapital simply does it better. The Japanese brand has garnered a devoted following by consistently reworking vintage apparel into eye-popping, drool-inducing grails with quality to match.

It won’t come cheap — The flight vest is available now on Kapital’s site for approximately $572, but look for it to hit select stores in the U.S. soon. Dropping nearly $600 is certainly an investment, but that’s exactly how you should look at it. Kapital is worth every penny. And, hey, it’s significantly more affordable than the brand’s $2,000 woven gilet.