Kanye West teases his wildest Yeezy sneakers yet

They're a collaboration with NBA player Derrick Rose.

Whenever he's not busy secretly meeting with Jared Kushner, trying to figure out dubious ways to get Trump re-elected, Kanye West often takes to Twitter to show off wild designs of underwater homes or sneakers he's working on. One of his latest teases is a pair of unreleased, worm-looking Yeezys, which might be even uglier than the Crocs-inspired Foam Runners — a feat that is hard to imagine was even possible.

The shoes are a collaboration between Kanye and NBA player Derrick Rose, who's part of the Adidas family of athletes and celebrities, a list that includes actor-turned-director Jonah Hill and renowned video game streamer Ninja, among others.

More to come — Following Kanye's brief "YZY D Rose coming soon" tweet, Rose's wife, Alaina, posted more images and video of the sneakers on her Instagram page. Even though the samples Rose has are a size 12, aka a little too big for her, she still took the Yeezy x D Rose out for a stroll and they are even more bizarre on foot and in action. The all-white, ridged upper and clog-style makes these seem as if they belong in a film about space or aliens, not an NBA court — which is where they could ultimately end up, since this is collab between Kanye and Rose, after all.

If Rose does end up wearing them on the hardwood, though, chances are the YZY D Rose shoes will feature a different outsole, unless Kanye has figured out how to make the current design work well when it comes to grip and traction performance. At the very least, we know there's definitely going to be a lifestyle version, and now we knows exactly what it looks like.

Yeezy shoots his shot — For years, Kanye has been working hard to bring his Adidas basketball sneakers to the NBA, the first of which debuted at All-Star Weekend 2020 in Chicago earlier this year with the Yeezy Quantum. The D Rose x YZY is only another step in that direction, and it's likely that Kanye already has plenty more designs lined up for the NBA — whether we love them or not.

Let's just be thankful Yeezy, the brand, is pumping out more than just different colors of its Adidas Yeezy 350 V2, because we can all agree the world has seen and had enough of those sneakers. As wild as they may be, I would take these YZY x D Rose insanities (or the equally weird Yeezy Slides) instead any day of the week.