Kanye and Adidas are dropping a bright ‘Glow Green’ Yeezy Slide soon

Is this the start of Yeezy’s next aesthetic era?

The Yeezy slide, still holding its crown as the world’s hottest product among male-identifying customers, is set to release a fluorescent “Glow Green” hue early next month.

While the Yeezy slide design is ubiquitous and instantly recognizable by now — dense EVA foam, elevating toothed outsole, a single mark of Adidas branding on the footbed — this is by far the flashiest color. “Glow Green” mimics the intensity of a fluorescent yellow-green highlighter, but the color is slightly cooled down by the slide’s matte rubbery finish. It’s remarkably different from the shoe’s past offerings, like “Core” and “Soot,” which perhaps signals a greater shift in Yeezy’s aesthetic footprint.


Non-neutral — Aside from an “Orange” hue that dropped in March, every Yeezy slide since its 2019 debut has stayed in the Kanye-verse’s typical neutral palette. This aesthetic outlier could be Yeezy scaling the unwavering demand for its foam slipper, while still maintaining their precious exclusivity. Without many design elements to play with, the slide can only really evolve (and maintain hype) through its color. As the slide continues to reign supreme, fueling celebrity street style and the hypebeast resale market alike, it may follow the sneaker playbook and gradually expand its color wheel.

Bot (er, drop) details — The “Glow Green” slide is rumored to drop on September 6, although this date hasn’t been confirmed by Adidas. It will presumably be priced at $60... like all Yeezy slides thus far.