Google's Jacquard will team up with Adidas and EA Sports for some sort of smart clothing

Do we need wearables for gaming?

Jacquard, the Google offshoot that makes touch-sensitive and Bluetooth-connected fabric, is teasing a new collaboration with Adidas and the FIFA franchise. The news comes from a cryptic social media campaign that includes the tagline "Play connected."

What does this even mean? — That leads us to believe they're cooking up some sort of clothing integration for the popular soccer game, most likely the mobile version. Previous Jacquard products featured customized gestures that could be used to control music or get updates for an Uber ride. It's unclear how exactly this could be applied to gaming, which leads me to ask, "Why?"

Yeah, Why? — Does technology really need to invade every aspect of our lives? There are some places I'd like to remain sacred, like bathrooms, and I'm skeptical that my admitted FIFA addiction needs to carry over to my jawnz. How exactly do you justify, say, a FIFA-enabled tracksuit beside the mere ability to make it a reality? There's a reason Jacquard's Levi's partnership has been a flop: we don't need this shit.

Regardless, we'll get answers when the collaboration is fully announced March 10. I doubt those answers will change my mind or any of us will do anything more than say, "Hey, neat" before moving on without opening our wallets.