Clothsurgeon made a plush jacket and vest out of old Nike sweatpants

Designed out of recycled waistbands.


The elastic waistband saved 2020. Between working from home and having nowhere to go, most of us have been living in sweatpants. And with the cold weather approaching, plus the pandemic still raging across the country, it doesn’t look like our habits will be changing anytime soon. Thankfully for us, there are fashion designers ready to enable us, like Clothsurgeon's Rav Matharu, who is launching a jacket and vest made out of recycled waistbands from Nike sweatpants — though it's not an official collaboration with the sportswear titan.

Use every piece — As part of Matharu’s “Reconstruction Project,” the London-based brand previously dropped a sustainable sweatsuit and “Quality Compulsory” face mask, also made from Nike sweatpants (50 pairs, to be exact). In the spirit of sustainability, Clothsurgeon used the leftover waistbands lying around to create these next pieces.

Sustainability has become a huge part of fashion, especially as data continues to show the negative impact the industry is having on climate change – which has led brands and designers to figure out different solutions to mitigate the problem. While companies (big and small) launch their own sustainable collections and initiatives, consumers, too, are doing their part as they look to shop for more vintage or recycled clothes.


Flex these features — The two newest creations from Clothsurgeon incorporate shades of navy blue, gray, and black, sewn together in a striped pattern reminiscent of old prison uniforms (in a cool way). The collared jacket comes with a two-way Riri zipper, front zip-up pockets, and a chest pocket featuring Nike’s signature Swoosh. The entire coat is covered in functioning waistband drawstrings so you can customize the look or keep the fringe. Very cowboy chic.

The utility-style vest, meanwhile, boasts the same zipper and drawstring features. A front zip-up pocket gives you just enough space for essentials. Both pieces are heavyweight and perfect for winter — or your living room.

One of the best parts of sustainable clothing, which Clothsurgeon plays on, is that each piece is unique. Besides the fact that you should buy these for their comfort, you can flex knowing you’re one of the few who owns these funky garments.

Both the jacket and vest are available now on Clothsurgeon’s website. You can buy the jacket for £1,250 (about $1,650), while the vest retails for £750 (around $985). Considering you’d have to pay international shipping and fees, you might as well cop both pieces, though the jacket is definitely the more outstanding piece of the two. Those plush, elastic-donned details are worth the super high price tag.

There's also a "Reconstructed" Nike bear for $90.Clothsurgeon