Wearing Brooks' Aurora-BL running shoes: A 'gravity-defying' ride

Not only does the sneaker look like it's from the future, but it sports a nitrogen-injected cushioning that's deigned to make your runs softer — and it works.

Brooks Aurora-BL running sneakers shoes review on feet
Edgar Alvarez Barajas / Input

When Brooks revealed its Aurora-BL running sneaker in May, it didn’t take long for its wild design to captivate us. The brand drew inspiration from space exploration, with the result being a silhouette that looks (and feels) like a pair an astronaut would wear.

Edgar Alvarez Barajas / Input

The Aurora-BL was born out of Brooks’ BlueLine Lab, a division of the brand that focuses on creating prototypes for the future of running shoes with “out-of-this-world technology, right here on earth.”

Edgar Alvarez Barajas / Input