These rare fleece gloves will protect you from the cold (and COVID)

Gloves are serving double duty this winter.

Masks are unquestionably the accessory of 2020, the one item to best represent how our lives have been completely transfigured by COVID-19. For those who've been particularly cautious, gloves have become another measure of safety as we've become acutely aware of the breadth of shared surfaces. Sure, surgical gloves will do the trick. But now that it's cold out, you may as well stone two birds by picking up a pair that'll provide warmth as well.

Whether you're looking for the maximum amount of protection possible, a fine merino wool, or something you don't need to remove to continue fiddling with your phone, there's a stylish option for you. From the outdoor cognoscenti to the giants of luxury, there are no shortage of options to envelop your ten digits. We've narrowed it down to just 10, making the decision easier on your path to toasty hands.

Elmer Wool Deep Pile Gloves (~$81)

This Thing of Ours

Elmer has been making gloves out of Japan since the 19th century, but one of its models carries the hype of modern day. Their beefy wool fleece gloves sell out nearly everywhere they're stocked, but we found 'em still ripe for picking at the English boutique This Thing of Ours.

Carhartt WIP Gore-Tex Infinium ($78)


Carhartt's more stylish offshoot WIP has combined the protective wonders of Gore-Tex with an excellent woodland camo. We can't promise they'll help with your sleight of hand, but they were certainly keep your hands warm. They've also also got touch screen fingertips, which is all but a requirement these days.

Stone Island 92077 Nylon Metal ($170)

Stone Island

Yes, Stone Island applies its awe-striking materials to gloves, too. This shimmery number is made out of what the Italian innovator calls "nylon metal." It may just look even better on gloves than it does on Stoney's iridescent jackets.

Arc'teryx Gothic Glove ($39)


Is the name Gothic Glove not enough to sway you? Merino wool allows these touch-screen capable gloves to be worn on their own or as a liner to a more rugged pair. Go with black to keep it gothic or opt for a handful of burgundy.

Rossignol Printed Sheepskin Gloves ($150)


These colorful mittens from the French purveyor of mountain attire are as fun as I've ever seen. The ski-wielding bear embroidered onto the sheepskin is deserving of Olympic mascot status.

Prada Windproof Knit Gloves ($380)


Coming from the other side of the Alps is a pair of status symbol gloves with endurance to match. Stormbloxx technology make the knitted polyamide windproof, while the Prada Linea Rossa logo provide the flex.

The Elder Statesman Hot Dye Fingerless Gloves ($175)

The Elder Statesman

The Elder Statesman's opulent, made-in Los Angeles offerings include a cashmere blanket that could net you a brand-new motorcycle for the same price. While not exactly cheap, the brand's fingerless gloves are at least in the realm of a semi-doable splurge.

The North Face Denali E-Tip Glove ($35)

The North Face

Your favorite fleece, but for your hands.

Ader Error Black Crumple Gloves ($61)


Need a sign of how much fashion loves climbing right now? The drawstring on these gloves from Ader Error, marked down from $105, is paracord for no other reason that it looks cool as hell.

Noah Merino Wool Gloves ($98)


A checkerboard pattern your grandma might knit for you, but made of merino wool and from the favorite brand of beasts that've grown out of hype.