Kanye West’s Nike socks are cool, but these 9 pairs are even better

Don’t be that human mixing up Nike socks with Adidas sneakers.

Kanye West committed a cardinal sneakerhead sin this week by wearing his Adidas Yeezy Foam Runners along with Nike crew socks. Putting two competing logos is already bad enough in some people’s minds, but Adidas can’t be happy that its star partner is repping its rival brand. Surely, the $191 million Adidas paid him last year should be enough to avoid such an offense — but this is Kanye West we’re talking about.

We may not be able to get through to Yeezy, but we can use this as an opportunity to help you avoid the same mistake. Chances are you’ve got Nike and Adidas sneakers in your rotation, not to mention any other brands, which is why it’s worth investing in some more brand neutral socks to wear along with them. And as superior as Nike’s crew socks are to Adidas, there are even better ones out there on the market.

We’ve put together some of our favorite to avoid any sneaker-sock combo faux pas. And even if you have no problems avoiding optical brand confusion, who couldn’t use a new pair or two — especially to go with the sandals, mules, or clogs that are defining this summer.

Human Made Duck Pile Socks ($35)

BBC Ice Cream

Human Made, Nigo’s successor to BAPE, has more overtly branded socks, but our favorite features this embroidered duck in flight. Why a duck, you may ask? Why not.

Bricks & Wood Logo Socks ($12)

Bricks & Wood

It isn’t just the logo for the up-and-coming South Central LA brand, which just had its first New Balance collab, that we love. It’s also the color yellow, which you probably haven’t considered for socks and now definitely should.

Brain Dead Brain Zap Socks ($30)

Brain Dead

Add some electricity to your sock-shoes combo courtesy of Brain Dead, arguably the best streetwear brand doing it right now. By opting for an off-white instead of the pure color, you should be able to avoid them looking gross for much longer.

Anonymousism Tye Dye Crew Socks ($32)


This Japanese brand does nothing but make some of the finest socks you’ll fine — and for a much lower price than you’d expect for a high-quality import.

Noah Three-Stripe Sock ($24)


If there’s something Noah’s core logo doesn’t look great on, we haven’t seen it yet.

Jacquemus La Montagne 'Les Chaussettes Jacquemus' Socks ($40)


Rowing Blazers RB Core Socks ($28)

Rowing Blazers

A simple zig-zag stripe takes the standard white crew into something a little more dapper. In other words, the perfect companion to a summer loafer.

Supreme Hanes Crew Socks ($20)


Hanes basics have been a permanent fixture for Supreme for a few years now, but this season is the first time they’ve been made in anything other than black or white. We’re huge fans of this purple, and even though they’re sold out now, you’ll have plenty more chances to cop.

Stüssy Dyed Ribbed Crew Socks ($10)


Our commitment to Stüssy is well-established in our weekly roundups, but a 33-percent discount makes these tie-dye joints an even more obvious purchase.