The Atmos Asics' Gel-Venture 6 is weatherproof and built for durability

A colorful shoe with nature and electrical elements.

Atmos, the esteemed Japanese footwear boutique, has cooked up a bangin' new collaboration with Asics. The two brands have come together on the Gel-Venture 6, a trail running shoe that's been rendered more durable with the addition of Gore-Tex. The shoe may be built for the elements, but the vibrant colors will have you thinking twice before beating them up.

Choose your fighter — The Sand/Evening Sand variant is reminiscent of Off-White's Nike Air Max Desert Ore, as it's primarily tan with a pop of color. The contrast provided by the seafoam green makes for a striking pair, one that's at once in tune with nature and charged with energy.

Alongside that comes the White/Electric Blue pair, which utilizes the same seafoam on the laces as part of a medley of colors. White, black, red, pink, and a shimmery blue feature throughout the shoe — and yet it's still the more subtle of the duo.


In addition to Gore-Tex, both pairs are composed of mesh, rubber and leather. The effect is a shoe that's rugged with no shortage of character. Weather sealing is central to technical gear, which is one of the most exciting fields in fashion, and it's refreshing to see it utilized in something that's not all black. Some of us want highly functional apparel but can't commit to being fully murdered-out.

Part of a full package — Those who buy the shoes, which drop via Atmos at 10 p.m. this Thursday, will also receive a black longsleeve shirt and pouch. Not bad for $146, especially when the coronavirus' effect on the economy may be tempering your sneaker habits.